Bluetooth 4.0 compatible sensor and beacon solutions

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BLE Sensor

Powerful and flexible Low Energy Sensor for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, orientation and mechanical shock. fully configurable trough your Tokenengine account. Works in bonded mode and broadcast advertising mode.

BLE Gateway

Based on Raspberry Pi we developed an innovative Bluetooth gateway to power your IoT Infrastructure. Bring your sensor values into the cloud and build your application fast and easy.

Token Engine

Manage your customers, gateways, sensors and configurations with the simple to use tool.

Measure everything everywhere anytime

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BLE Proximity Beacon

BCMS is a free and open source Content Mangement System(CMS) to manage Beacons and Contents. It can be used on iOS and Android with the BeaconPlayer. The beacon player app is the client app for the great BCMS platform of tokencube. Tokencube is one of the netidee projects of 2014. Both, the platform source and the app source are completely open source. We also provide free access to tokencube and the basic account has the full number of available features. Visit for more information.

We build your IoT infrastructure

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