No Headache from Delivery Service

Be sure about what is going on during transportation.
Make sure your products arrive safely. 

We provide a new tool for transport quality monitoring. It is called “Tokencube – Logistics Monitoring System” and is very simple to use: Just place our sensor devices into your shipment boxes, ship your products and we take care you stay in touch with your products. Concerning quality monitoring you do not rely on your carrier. As you remain connected with your products, you know what is going on, independent of the mode of transportation. We make your shipment appear online on a web interface. “Tokencube – Logistics Monitoring Solution” is the world’s first next-generation transport monitoring solution that gives you a Proof of Quality of you transportation.

Our solution documents every condition during transport in a secure manner, manipulation excluded. We take care you meet your compliance requirments. Documented.

Our solution monitors forces, temperature, humidity or mechanical shock applied to your products with high resolution. For the first time we combine condition monitoring and geolocation tracking. The system helps you tackle problems related to the transport of goods that may affect your business.

Maybe, the maintenance of a certain temperature and humidity is essential for the successful transport and delivery. Maybe, the fact that parts are damaged at the time of delivery, is impacting your business and you need to correct this to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction. For such situations, the “Token Logistics Solution” offers solutions that can be adapted to your specific case.

We provide tracking and monitoring. In parallel data for further analysis are digitally available. The management of this collected data, allows the accurate assessment of the transport quality, as well as the easy identification of spots for improvement.