Key System Features

  • We offer end-to-end digitized goods monitoring and transport tracking.
    • We collect and digitize all relevant conditions and positions of your goods.
    • We store all transport data and protect data against fraud. Manipulation impossible.
    • We provide you with big data for precise quality analytics.
    • We identify where a problem has occurred.
  • Our real-time alarms allow immediate action in case of an incident. We save valuable time and avoid further damages.
  • We identify weak points, to improve the performance of your logistics

Sensor Tokens

Our Sensor Tokens are battery powered sensor devices that measure and log various analog parameters

Logistics Quality Tracker

The Logistics Quality Tracker is a box that collects all relevant data of a transport.

Data Documentation Service

The Data Documentation Service is based on our cloud platform. It holds all date from Sensor Tokens and Logistics Quality Trackers  securely.