Use Cases

  • Pharmacy Delivery Monitoring:
    Temperature controlled delivery of drugs and pharmaceuticals from the central warehouse to the pharmacy or drug store. Our Pharma Logistics Monitoring Solution provides gapless temperature monitoring data according to required healthcare standards. Usually transport van are equipped with expensive temperature guided cooling equipment, but there is no proof, which temperatures shipment containers where exposed to; neither in the van – nor over the full cool chain (end-to-end). Our Pharma Logistics Monitoring Solution allows to identify shipment time, condition and location at any point of time. True quality by staying connected!

Product Overview Pharmacy Monitoring

  • Supplier Shipment Tracking in Automotive Production Logistics:
    Root-cause analysis on defects of shipments upon arrival at the production facility. Check out, which defects are caused due to parts falling out of their shipment containers, or shock, throughout the transportation process. See the forces being applied to the containers as they are in transit.Clarify and document responsibilities. Exclude improper handling in your responsibility.


  • Monitor Shipment for Plant Construction:
    Everybody is used to the common delivery tracking services from the big onine stores. When a smartphone is ordered in an online-store, you will know when the product will arrive, but if a customer orders a plant for 10 Mio. Euros he does not know much on the whereabouts of his order until the boss receives a note that a construction milestone cannot be met due to a rusty part that has been caused by opening the shipment container. So why not using the Token Logistics Monitoring System for staying connected to all components of the shipment any time and take care replacement parts are sent in time.